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  • Dual radar ball and club tracking technology 
  • Real time video and data analysis 
  • Standard and customized practice sessions 

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Practice like the PGA pros. Trackman is used by 85 of the top 100 golfers in the world. 

  1. Learn the distance for each one of your clubs
  2. Understand the cause and effect your swing will have on your ball
  3. Improve more quickly and efficiently, by matching what you feel  with real time data


Real time video & data analysis 

Trackman has developed the most accurate and complete launch monitor in the golf industry. It incorporates an internal HD camera, dual radar technology, wireless connectivity and unmatched data quality. 

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Summary report for each practice session 

Receive Dynamic report summaries from Trackman, with video and data from each shot of your practice session.  This allows golfers to have tangible evidence of their performance.

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Personal online locker with 

Access to saved practice sessions, instructional videos from world renowned instructors and ability to share data for instruction or entertainment

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